Did you know thqt the layout of French keyboqrds is different to the ones that we have in ireland. nope Neither did I. so forgive any obvious typos.

well we have arrived in France, The ferry trip was long qnd pretty uneventful,I think I hqave pretty much confirmed my opinion that I am not cut out for cruising. It was lovely to have the company of my old friends on board, we ate we slept, neither experience was good enough to write about- then at about 11am we arrived in Cherbourg and i hqd to drive, i was terrified? i hqve driven on the wrong side of the road before in the US, but my steering wheel was on the proper side of the car. the other hitch we ran into were the electronic demons . our sat Nav was on the blink from when we left home. so about 10 miles from home I pulled over to try and beat it into submission- and promptly dropped the micro SD card-the brains of the thing- down into the most inaccecible reaches of the seat, so no sat nav and on the wrong side of the road. but its OK we are doing well. This was after our iPod died!

I had booked into the same campsite as my friends but when i actually looked at the map i discovered that it was much too far to the south for us. so i abandoned those plans and we travelled along the coast to where we are now. a little fishing port. Port au Bessin. On the way we stopped at Omaha beach and the US cemetary-powerful experiences, yes of course I wept. like million people before me I grieved for the senseless loss of life- but as humans, we never seem to learn.

We stayed two nights in this little campsite, seeing the Bayeux tapestry yesterday. today we move on

7/15/2010 07:33:02 pm

Well girlies, glad to see you have found at least internet access in the far away lands! Poor sat nav poor ipod ! They are probably delighted with the rest and bet you'll find that card on the way home on the ferry. Glad to see you on the adventure take care keep in touch. xxx PS Mollie don't forget you have to buy some clothes in each country!

Helen Ruby
7/15/2010 09:10:07 pm

Darlings - my Irish horrid to not have a QWERTY keyboard..but your email was quite OK and welcome. Yes, some places seem like "just there" but the map shows otherwise.
All is well in COLD Toowoomba, but the sun shines and streams into my big room where we spent so many happy hours. I look forward to reading all about your adventures...take care...Loving you is easy...HR x x

jeni wilson
7/18/2010 11:50:32 am

hi gals,
good to hear from you and news of your exciting adventures so far and I'm sure many more to come. Have moved house and am trying to patiently sit through this cold Winter in anticipation of warm Spring. Bead Shop crawling along in the cold wet weather . Not doing much, fetching wood and carrying water really. Wll have some adventures vicariously through you 2 warrior women. Take care, love Jeni xo

Jeni Wilson
7/18/2010 11:54:59 am

Forgot to say you are both looking great in the foto! Must be something in the Irish water!! J xo

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