After real toilets and little noise= a good nights sleep, we were ready to head to slovakia...we headed towards the road that was to take us to Slovakia and found that the danube was in the way and the only way of getting across was a car ferry. But florint-less, I thought we would go to another nearby village where the map indicated a road across.

we arrived there to find, yup yet another car ferry...the danube is bloody big.

very cranky at this stage and promising all sorts of retribution on the heads of the map makers, we drove towards another crossing and then realised that the next nearest bridge was actually right back at the festival site back in the city. Oh I was not happy, I had been very pleased with myself that we had got to the border and made such good time,

so back into Budapest..back past the festival site, past the bridge that is currently closed, back onto the roads that we got lost on the day before...and yes we got lost again...and finally, eventually we managed to cross the river and head for the border...a round trip of a couple of hours perhaps to get back to the next border crossing.

then I realised that if we had only turned left instead of right out of the campsite, we would have seen the huge massive bridge to take us right across the river...

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    August 2010