I have never smoked, never had the urge to even try when I was at school. I have mostly only ever gone out with non-smokers and in general I think the smoking ban in ireland is a 'very good thing' but since I have been here I have updated that status to an 'extremely good thing' everyone....everyone smokes here and I am sorry to offend any of you smokers still  out there..but it is vile. It stinks. I am not surprised that people smoke so much, mind you as it is so cheap, the cheap supermarkets have huge bins of cheap cigarettes at the tills.

I had almost forgotten how horrible it is to dance in a smoky room...until yesterday, we were in a huge tent. DJ shadow is huge (reputation rather than dimensionally) we were in the tent for about 10 minutes when there was that familiar air, nine tenths smoke and one tenth breathability. Plus there is all of that dodging of lit cigarettes while you are dancing.
Everyone smokes here..all of the time..and you come home reeking of second hand smoke, since i have ridiculously thick hair, its a perfect trap for all of those stray smoke molecules. I haven't been busy kissing anyone here, for quite a few reasons, but even if i had planned to spend my time snogging my way around the festival... kissing a smoker has all of the appeal of licking a dirty ashtray.

but on the upside..smokers are useful when you have just broken your last match and desperately need a light for the gas so you can have a cup of tea.

Ísmokers reading this will clearly believe by now I am insane...but if you are not is the cherry on was about a million degrees in the shade and I was drinking tea. Our packing- essentials included a tea caddy (lyons tea of course) tea pot, tea cosy and whistling kettle (in barbie pink)...

OK i am done ranting now..

8/13/2010 12:50:22 am

Oh dear on the soapbox again!!!
Well sorry haven't sent you any messages in last 2 weeks - busy woman. Drama course BRILL - I'm so going to make a fab director!! Well I think at least and that's what's important. Will tell you all when you are back.
All quiet in East Clare - John Cleary's dog Rex got knocked down and died due to lunatics driving on our road - that's my next thing to rant about - SPEED! Rachel on countdown back to school. You take care XXX

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