Mika was fab,


we managed to get very close to the front, and he was actually really good, he has such a distinctive voice and sings a lot in the counter tenor range that i wondered if he would be any good live, or if his 'sound' is mostly studio generated, but he was excellent, we had a blast. 30 seconds to mars were on after him, so we listened to a bit of them, but bubble gum pop to emo is not a good transition. So we decamped to the party tent and the 3D disco..where the ground was so beer soaked that I did a very non-elegant slide and fall onto my ass..almost wiping out a couple of innocent by-standers...you know me..the royal ballet are nevergoing to come knocking on my door when they are in search of natural grace.

after my skid along the floor I was filthy, so I had a midnight shower which was great as it was nicely cool and no queue, I finished my shower just in time to step outside into a veritable monsoon, a thunderstorm arrived from nowhere, I neen not have bothered with going as far as the shower tent...but walking scantily clad in the rain is always fun, naked is even better. but I didnt want to permanently scar the psyches of the already drug addled.
today was a monumental wait for an interesting arty installation type thing (I know not vague at all) all based on the tarot, it was a maze that you wandered around, meeting characters from the tarot. You would think after my recent history of getting lost I would know better and yes as you can imagine, I was in threre for ages.....but one thing I have discovered in all the getting lost is that eventually you find yourself back on the path, always.

on that metaphysical note I will depart...to get ready for iron maiden..now I wouldnt know a song (?) from them if it came up and slapped me, but if iron maiden was playing in the next field, you would go along to at least have a look, wouldnt you?
8/15/2010 07:47:14 am

Just a quick tip to help you fit in with all of the Maiden fans...
The big guy behind the atage (their mascot), is called EDDIE!

Some useless information from my miss spent youth!!!!


8/17/2010 08:07:07 pm

Hi Edel, hi Mollie
I imagine you'll be starting the journey home soon - if you fancy a detour you could try Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We're at the Estonia stage now and have reached the beach in time for the thunder and lightening part of the weather. It's been great and good to discover there's life after dicatorship (for work reasons which I'll fill you in on when you get back!) Enjoy the trip home and let the adventures continue.

8/23/2010 06:57:40 am

Hi Edel and Mollie,
I am a bit late leaving a message technophobe that I am. Loved all the commentary. Great trip, can't wait to see you.
Love C

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