the festival doesnt offically start until tomorrow, so the days are numbered -1 (cant find the counfounded comma on this keyboard) 0 and then it starts tomorrow at day one, but there is still a lot to see, there are concerts on the preliminary days, mind you its reggae and jazz today, so we settled instead for slinging the hammock in the trees and reading. We brought about 35 books with us on our trip and today my little moment of perfection was hammock, slice of watermelon, shade and a book. I hope your day had some perfection in it too.

there are some interesting ser vices at the festival, I am in a huge shady tent filled with computers for free internet access for festival goers. There is the local lynx shower gel promotion, that has scantily clad women soaping down any man who wanders past and fancies a public shower. Another thing about this part of the world, advertising is still back in the 60s as regards sexism. Personally I am all  for equal opportunity sexism, so where were the showers with tanned gorgeous men to cool down (?) the women festivallians, sadly there wasnt one  :(  

The hungarian red cross are in attendance, they have their hands full with those who have been partying a little too hard, but they were also looking for blood donations, as I havent given blood in ages, (found the  comma)...i thought I would volunteer. It seems that the lack of sat nav getting lost-ness, has infected me personally, I got lost on the way to the showers and then again on the way to give blood, after a long and very hot circituous route i found the tent, they wanted my passport to prove ID and then our irish medical insurance card. I showed my passport and explained that we dont have exactly such a thing as a universal medical insurance card, so they said that they couldnt take my blood...I am still not quite sure why, they said it was for security reasons..which was even more mind boggling, perhaps there are blood donating terrorists who scurry around the continent seeding blood banks with their unsecure blood....but c'est la vie, I have my full quota of blood and some poor hungarian person doesnt get to become partly irish...they will just have to settle for acquiring pints of irish liquid in some other way.

The food here at the festival is great, its all langos and gyros, both very yummy and shortly after I sign off here I am going in search of a gyros...a dish I plan to learn when I get is that good. Langos are ridiculousy unhealthy, gorgeous things, a giant piece of fried dough (white flour and friend..nutritionists are already having a panic attack) you then top it with lashings of sour cream and cheese...oh and as a sop to health..dust it with a little garlic. I know it doesnt sound wonderful, but believe me if homer simpson had one of these he would swear off doughnugts forever


8/10/2010 09:38:42 am

So you can get your eyeballs pierced, your tongue tattooed, get legally married to a shower gel girl that you only met two hours ago, but you can't donate blood because that might be too risky? Old bureaucracies die hard, comrade!

Enjoy the fest, and try to catch a moment of Canada's own Billy Talent if you're at the right stage at the right time. I'm not a fan myself, but I'm curious to know how they're received by the jaded Europeans.

8/11/2010 06:53:46 am

Edel - Glad to hear you and Mollie are having a great time! I just returned from holiday and am still sad that I couldn't meet up with you! Your blog has been lovely though, keep it going!

8/11/2010 07:57:46 pm

howdy edel and mollie!!!!

what an amazing and brilliant adventure you guys are having! love it!

edel i want to wish you a very, very happy birthday! may this year and every year after be the best year ever!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx molly

8/12/2010 04:26:05 am

Wulf..mad isnt it, I guess that so many decades of socialism takes more than one and a half to shake off.

Dawn...I hope you guys had a great time in London, it was such a shame we couldnt book tour!!

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