We have had three nights here, it has been so nice to just rest, the most driving I have had to do, was into the local town to visit the market and buy food for the day. The tan is coming along nicely and finally the wind has dropped. It was the mistral that has been blowing a gale for days, I started to understand why the chinese believe strong winds to be disharmonious. They must have been camping and trying to peg things down when they decided that.

Today we head finally to the sea, where they grow rice and have pink flamingos..I have always wanted a pink flamingo for my lawn, I wonder if they will miss one or two? The village that we are heading for is an important site to the Roma, they go on pilgrimages to a church that has a statue of a Black Madonna...Since I painted one for a play a few years ago, I figure it might be time to see one in the flesh..or at least plaster.

Onwards to the med and seafood!........
7/28/2011 03:53:46 am

Hi, hope your birthday was good. Thinking of you.

Safe travelling,

7/28/2011 06:14:30 pm

Belated happy birthday, Edel. Hi to Mollie and a stroke of the bonnet to Rosita.


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