it is seriously difficult to get itnernet access. we have reached austria and couldnt find the internet in all of switzerland and leichtenstein.

I have only a few minutes on this computer, we spent two nights in a nice campsite on the german swiss border...ridiculously neat, but people were (mostly ) friendly- Rositas design on her bonnet turns heads every where we go. The mosquitos were particularly enamoured with us, we got eaten alive. We were of course using natural insect repellants (hippy ones as MOll calls them) and buring citronella oils and candles like they were going out of fashion, but we are destroyed with bites as a result. Bring on the DEET

switzerland is nice, good roadsigns, with is the measure of most of the countries these days, getting lost has started to loose its charm. We have found that the most difficult thing in every country is finding the border, the signs keep turning us around rather than sending us to a different place. we spent the first day at the falls of the Rhine near schaffausen, pretty cool, I love that in switzerland they are not as ridiculously cautions as we are in ireland. There is a castle over the falls and you can lean right out of the windows to look at the water. We took a boat trip to the base of the falls and got well wetted! I have to say that they pale in comparison to niagra falls, but you can get a lot closer to the water. Another thing that charmed me on the boat, the driver allowed a couple to jump off (down river of the falls!) with their large inflatable mattress and swim off in to the wide blue yonder. That would NEVER happen in Ireland, health and safety would be all over them.

The second day we met Andrea from craftster in zurich, it was a great day, we went to the museum_it was pouring! and to a traditional swiss tea-house, you would need a second mortgage to have lunch there, but it was totally worth it. Sadly we didnt have enough time to spend with Andrea, but it was great, she gave us a gift of the most divine marcaroons for our onward journey.

we left zurich and again had trouble with the border, but eventually ended up in leichenstein. There isnt a lot to say about the place except we stayed at our first stellenplatz( aires de camping) these are places for motor homes to pull in for the night, free or at a cheap rate, the idea is that they are in villages and towns to attract tourists. We stayed overnight in one in leichtenstien, had the best nights sleep as it was quiet, and had a fabulous view of the schloss vaduz, my idea fairy tale castle.

from there it was a long long days driving, through floods and downpours to the tirol. I am finally in Chalet School land...sorry to those of you for whom this is an unknown cultural reference, just be assured that I am very happy, if very tired and wet.

Driving through leichentstein last night as we were trying to find our place for the night, I was sticking to the speed limit, which really annoyed a young guy travelling at speed behind me, so he overtook at speed, and lost control on the slippery roads, skidded across the road, made matchsticks of a fence, fishtailed, almost rolled as he went across two gardens, he came to a stop, without a bumper and most of one wing, paused for a second and then sped off....our lives are nothing if not dramatic, needless to say that put the fear of god into me so I drive slowly today on the roads, they are a lot smoother than irish roads and so are a lot more slippy, I think I had half of the motorists on the roads cursing my slowness today!

so one or two nights here and then to italy, where hopefully we can get more frequent internet access!

Love to you all


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    July 2010