three days to go!


Its amazing that even with the desire to go all zen on this trip and to bring and live without too much much stuff we actually have! Mind you the desire to be zen is at war with the desire to have cute and comfy camping. So bunting, pretty deckchair covers and a table cloth seem to be essential. As of course they are

I am humbled by one thing though, the willingness of complete strangers to host us for a night or two. We all watch the news and get more and more frightened to step outside of our front door, because of 'strangers' but a handful of complete strangers have opened their homes to us. So far we have offers of hosting in germany, Italy and croatia, plus a city tour of Zuirich. I love that there are still people in the world who are open to making new friends and to meeting new people. Those are my tribe and I am so looking forward to meeting some of them.

I am down to the last few items on my to-do list. I am still working out some way of mozzie proofing the  van so that we can have windows open while we sleep. I am a mozzie banquet and there is a heatwave across mainland europe (yay! sunshine) so I have been wrestling with velcro and netting, but I think I am winning. Then all I have to fix up is a shade/wind panel for the awning and make those chair covers, pack the van and we are off!

Its probably a measure of the people that we are, that we are devoting as much space to books and craft materials as clothing.