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6/22/2010 14:50:11

Our home for 6 weeks,
Since we are in search of our own private Oz, we thought that a Dorothy theme, (crossed with 1950s retro, for a nice homely feel) would be good.
When I bought the van it was filthy, smelly and chock full of bad vibes, the first thing that happened was a very thorough clean, loads of essential oils and plenty of scrubbing. I always knew I was destined to be a scrubber. The 'kitchen' was painted retro green, with a little blackboard paint on one of the doors.

All of the cushions, AKA, the bed, were recovered with a reversible blue fabric. And then cushions for extra comfort, Dorothy of course.

and I couldn't resist the violently pink whistling kettle,

the inside is still a work in progress, more photos to come