By a great stroke of luck my best friend from school and since, is travelling on the same ferry (with her family) as us to Cherbourg. Once all the kids are bedded down, there will be couple of seats in the bar, with a glass or two of something nice, waiting for us.

I have decided to stay in 'their' campsite for the first night. In Carnac, very nice with lots of facilitites. So on the 15 July we start our vagabonding in earnest.
7/12/2010 12:43:46 am

How exciting! I'm sure sleep won't come easily with all the excitement bubbling. I hope you have a fantastic trip and can't wait to read about your adventures!! Be safe!!

7/12/2010 01:51:18 pm

Hi lovelies, my brother just came home from a month in France and said Carcassonne was THE BEST!
Oh and by the way you both look gorgeous in that photo!!!!

7/14/2010 05:48:01 am

hey mol have a great time your going 2 get so tanned im jealous!!!! take care

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