It can be very difficult to find the motivation to log on and blog, when the sun is calling. We have been having a very unthrilling time, just lazing around. The campsite and the folk in it were very friendly, there have been just enough activities for interest and not too much red-coated hi-de-hi stuff.

Moll and  I took ourselves off to an evening marche gourmand. Lots of benches laid out under the trees with various stall selling food. We plumed for paella, since we didn't get around to eating our canned stuff..that joy is yet to come. some charcuterie and listened to the live music. Very nice, but we came back to the campsite so that I could have a glass of wine and we could watch the sunset.

Wednesday night was a communal BBQ and campfire. I am continually impressed by how much of an effort that people make to chat with us, my bad french and their bad english adds up to some semblance of something comprehensible.

Friday dawned and it was cloudy, funny that we can learn to accept the cloudiness of the skies in ireland but feel very aggrieved if it dares to be cloudy here,. I logged on and scanned the weather forecast and what did I find but that the forecasters had changed their minds while we slept and that only saturday showed promise of some sun. Nothing for it, but break camp and go in search of the sunshine....

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