we are sitting in a friendly (and packed) McDonalds in Niort, just to take advantage of their free WeeFee..So far France has been beautiful and beguiling as ever, but wet..torrential rain, in fact there is so much rain here that the roof of McD's is leaking. Mind you today is forecast to be the worst of it, tomorrow will be better. We are fairly far south and heading south-er to the region around Toulouse, the midi-pyrenese, not too far from the Spanish Border. We like french campsites and so will probably stay on this side of the border. The campsites up to the north are pretty empty as everyone is heading towards the sunshine. We haven't stayed in a campsite yet but in the little aires the camping that are located in small villages up and down the country. A very civilised notion, where the local council sets aside a few spaces in the carparks for overnight stops of camper vans. We stayed in the most perfect little village Foussais de payre (OK Moll and I are arguing about how to spell it) it was straight of out Joanne Harris' novel Chocolate, which we are listening to at the moment, down to the chocolatier in the square opposite the church.
There was a little goldfinch on the bridge near the church when we were walking around, so we knew that we were in the right place. It has been an uneventful trip so far, rain, baguettes, Boursin and playing cards. Wonderfully chilled. We are ready to find the sun now. another few hours driving ahead of me today, so time to go


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