lest you think that only the French are guilty of cliches, I point to the picture on the left as evidence of an Irish one, Rosita the wonder van is tiny...and I mean tiny, storage space is pretty limited although growing as we learn what we don't need to pack. But this year, for the first time ever, we have a Tayto cupboard. Taytos are, for all you non-irish folk are cheese and onion chips, very strong, very delicious and a staple of student life, a tatyo sandwich, buttered pappy white bread with taytos in the middle, is a perfect lunch, with a cuppa. So as an emergency ration, Taytos while camping is a good idea. Mind you with the state (blissful) of French breads, it is impossible to find anything close to a Brennans loaf, and that is a good thing. But the tayto cupboard remains.

Eating while camping is immeasurably easier when you are 'car camping' there is storage and a two burner stove. Saucepans, frying pan and decent knives. But there is no fridge and no oven, so eating fresh food means shopping daily. Which is a necessity in any case as the lure of the boulangerie is irresistible. This is such a civilised country, the baker calls to the campsite every day, even on the Sunday morning after a public holiday, with fresh bread.

We tend to do two meals a day, baguette with soft cheese and fruit for breakfast and meat with some kind of side for dinner. Mind you since we couldn't be bothered shopping yesterday and today is Sunday, dinner today will be interesting, Mollie insisted on buying paella in a can, at least the soupy part is in the can, with a packet of rice-y stuff on top. From Lidl, so I am not holding out hopes of a true gastronomic experience, but food on the road is always basic and good for all that. Voluntary simplicity...with Taytos..

My kitchen, yes it really is this big, sink and cooker, you are missing the food prep area, which is a little hinged shelf about 25cmx15cm. We were so tired at this stage that dinner was eaten directly from the pan (we were still on the road and so it was too much effort to heat water to wash plates!) but the food was good, the sleep afterwards was even better.
8/4/2012 03:04:12 pm

Who is that gorgeous blonde woman??? This is the first time I have seen you with fair hair - looks fantastic!

9/24/2012 06:19:03 am

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