Rosita the wonder van is finally and completely packed, but with a lot more empty storage space than in previous years (more wine space!!) It is a great day to be heading off in search of the sun as the clouds are down on our shoulders here. Grey and more grey, mind you the weather forecast is lousy in northern France, so we will be heading towards the Limousin region initially, but if the weather agrees with the forecasters, we might end up in Spain yet. Definitely southern France, the midi Pyrenees probably. In any case there will be sunshine!

We have booked afternoon tea in the old creamery in Adare on the way down to the ferry port today, a very civilised way to start our holidays I reckon. Moll and I have developed an afternoon tea ritual, we try and go out and have proper afternoon tea once every two months. By proper I mean there has to be cake stands, finger sandwiches and scones. I will report back on the quality of the Adare teas...

See you in France! X
7/10/2012 12:28:47 pm

Hey Edel and Molly
sounds fantastic and what a great ritual - very civilised.
I have just had my two weeks a year with Daniel in NZ - very cold but actually we got some great weather and did a 7 hour hike up a snow covered mountain. I love the fact our grognup children enjoy travelling with us.
France/ Spain and sun sounds like bliss.
Miss you

7/12/2012 07:25:17 am

Hi Edel And Mol, glad to hear ye made it safely to the other side on the Celtic Link. Sunsahine may be hard to find, but I'm sure if it's out there...Rosita will bring you both there. Enjoy the 3rd adventure dribing in Europe. Viva l'EURO, long may it continue...happy days :-)
Hug, ME


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