We finally found 'home' or at least home for the next week or so. We are in 'the lot' a region (so I have just learned) that is boundaried by the garone and the lot, the biggest, closest city is Agen and we are a bit north of Toulouse. The campsite is great, it is very remote, down a long country track in a big wooded area. Trees are one of our essentials, but not always found, when we are camping because we always bring two hammocks. A day spent alternating between the teapot and the hammock, in dappled sunshine, with a mini-library nearby..and a pool should things get too hot...is a day borrowed from heaven. One vital skill I am teaching Mollie is how to relax and do nothing, today it is still overcast so the hammocks come equipped with patchwork quilts. But tomorrow is forecast cloudless and getting hotter, so we are happy to just sit in the hammocks and read.

The campsite is very peaceful and quiet, but last night they had a big dinner because it was Bastille day. It was taken on long benches in communal style, the food was great, melon and ham, maigret de canard, pommes galettes, local soft goats cheese with raspberry coulis (I still haven't figured out what makes it different from yoghurt, except it was more delicious) wine and cafe...for only 14e a head. but it wasn't the price, it was the company. My french is 25 year old school girl french, I have forgotten more than I remember, which isn't very much but we sat with people who had equally limited english and still managed to chat about the weather, the country, the food and the fact that in Normandy sheepdogs are used for goats, Stephen Roache and the tour the France was also mentioned. The conversation was secondary,  I just loved the way that they were so friendly and made big efforts to include us, they kept trying to chat to the people who spoke so little of their language. It was a fun night. Dancing included..

We finished in time to go and watch distant fireworks on the horizon, the campsite overlooks a valley and many distant villages and towns so watching fireworks, rendered silent by distance, to the sound of the occasional rustle of small animals going about their lawful business, in the undergrowth....was magical.

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    July 2012