Sadly today has been our last full day in this campsite, tomorrow we start to wend our way slowly home. It is about a thousand km to cherbourg from here and I want to take in the caves at Lascaux on the way , so we are giving ourselves plenty of time to drive home.

I love this campsite, actually I just love this climate, it is 7.30 and I am in the hammock, very little clothing is needed at this time of the night. I can hear the last few stragglers in the swimming pool and we will shortly go and have a pizza and a bottle of wine in the little restaurant. Rosita is all packed and ready to go tomorrow.

I have a theory that if we don't get a couple of decent weeks of sunshine, then facing into the winter with it's short days and little light, is even more difficult. I am somewhat vindicated as I read that we store Vitamin D for up to 60 days in the body and the amount that you need to supplement in winter in our northerly latitude is dependant on the amount that you get in the summer. One of the things that Vitamin D does is govern the moral of the story is that you should all be here with me.

Mind you I got a little too much sun today, I was engrossed in a conversation in the pool and have ended up a little lobsterish..ah well at least I have plenty of vitamin D stored up to bring home.

And since we have rationalised so much on the amount of stuff that we brought with us this year (well except for Mollie and her t-shirt collection..19 t-shirts for 3 weeks!) we have loads of room for wine....yay!

our internet access will be patchy to non-existant until we get back to Ireland. So see you on the other side...xx

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