I am (finally) updating this blog from the relative tranquillity of a provencal campsite..the wind is blowing, but its a warm wind and I am voluntarily seeking shade..yes! We have suceeded in our mission to find where the sun has been hiding out.
But first the festival, Up until the last couple of days the holiday has been hard work, the kind of holiday that you don't want to admit is tough, because dammit it is a holiday and we are going to have fun.
The festival was a bit like this, I felt duty bound to have un and to cajole Moll into having fun because our tickets cost so much. And bits were really good, there was an excellent comedy programme and we saw (or heard) a lot of really funny stuff, we also heard waterboys, Paulo nuttini and did a lot of wandering between various little bits of theatrical happenings and the cabaret tent.

And we danced, to a load of pop and 80s stuff, proper dancing around your handbag disco..or in our case, dancing in our wellies around our waterproofs.
Festivals, no matter what bullshit they tell you about festival chic..are not glamorous, or at least not ones that have a chance of rain. Latitude festival is always dry and sunny, well always until this year when we showed up. I am seriously thinking of charging staying away money to festival organisers, rather like the mafia...if you pay us, we won't come and then it won't rain.

Rain is good stuff, but rain in a field with 35,000 people and about 200 toilets and only about 50 showers..yes those numbers are correct. (btw no wash-hand basins by the toilets, just hand sanitisers..yuk)..and water that failed more often that it suceeded...rain under those circumstances is awful, you go beyond muddy into ground in grime. We went to the festival with two pairs of wellies, I had to buy a new pair while I was there, as mine were leaking, Moll made do with that old low-tech solution of wearing a plastic bag over her socks, under her wellies.

Wellies and rain coats sold out in the first day!..OK the second day, the first one was sunny. Two days and parts of the site were six inches of the stickiest mud ever. But with waterproof ponchos from tescos (an inspired buy on the way to the festival..although Moll's was not water proof after two days) and our wellies we kept dry, but sitting on a black plastic bag with a few thousand other people in a tent listening to comedians, does pall after a few days, no matter how good the comedy was,. So don't tell anyone I told you., but it was a relief to leave on Monday, after a two hour queue to get out of the site, the prospect of a night in London and hot showers was a little taste of heaven

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