I really don''t need to say anything else, just go into the nearest dirty spot, roll around for a while and get really filthy and then go for a hot shower or bath....

bliss...I am starting to believe that life isn't about the pursuit of happiness, it is about little moments of contentment all strung together, or at least insterspersed by as little discomfort and pain as possible. Happiness strikes me as something more than the norm, it is more of a peak experience, if we always try and hold life in a peak experience, then we habituate to that and it is no longer a peak..so perhaps the pursuit of contentment is enough.

and a good shower and clean sheets and no mud..and not having to dance in your wellies (although that has novelty value!) are enough to make me content...

although the warm breeze and sunshine is a pretty good enhancement of life at the moment!

So a night in London, we did get to see the final Harry Potter..it was great and the end of an era for Moll and I, we have gone to each one on the opening day since the first one. Some day we will have a Potter marathon at my house, with cocktails of course..need you ask...

Jeni Wilson
7/25/2011 11:14:31 am

Hi gals,
Fun to follow your adventures! Liked t little bit of philosophy re contentment's merits compared to the pursuit of happiness. So true!! Enjoy your rambling, Jeni xo


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