I dont know why I was surprised that our book of maps led us astray again..amazon is getting a very stiff review when I get home. The plan was to find a small quiet out of the way spot near venice and relax from all the tough driving and then take a day to visit venice by train. So on the map there is was a little dot, on the sea, a few nice campsite reviews, so it sounded good. Lido de Jesola...those more educated in this part of the world will already be smiling. The place bore more resemblance to orlando than anything else, mile after mile of hotel, tourist shops, tat and more tat. But we were so tired we booked into a campsite, crowded, noisy and overpriced. (baby disco at 9.30pm anyone?) But it is home for last night and tonight.

Moll (and secretly I) were pleased to see a water park, (just like orlando) on the way in, the plan was to go there today, but the weather was cool and grey this morning, so we decided on venice instead. We drove to the nearby port (hour tail back on a tuesday!) and got tickets for the ferry, apparently you are supposed to approach venice by sea. Desipte the millions of people, the tourist traps, venice is sublime, it is all it should be and more. I know that we all know that the streets are filled with water, but until you see the front doors opening onto the water, the bin man approach the houses by boat. The ambulance speedboat and best of all the DHL ferry, you dont realise what a city built on water really is. I have spent the day dreaming of which house that I want. Mollie on the other hand is looking forward to her first proper gelato, so I am about to sign off, seek gelato and then get a ferry home...just in time for the baby disco, followed by cabaret at 10.

Waterpark tomorrow..rain or shine and then thursday we will shake the dust of our venice from our heels and head for slovenia (thursday is my birthday so I fancy a two country celebration)

until the next internet cafe presents itself...ciao


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    July 2010