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wow they have some serious amps and speakers here, the Bass from an adjacent tent was so loud and penetrating..that it actually shook the supports of this or maybe I am getting old

Its definitely the journey, asall of the wise people in the world say, including my wonderful friend Derv, she sent me a text message wondering how the festival was going, and she said that she thöught that perhaps when its all said and done that it is the journey that will have been the best part. she is right...the festival is fun, but a little more mainstream and alcohol soaked than i had anticipated. The thing that I love most about festivals are the little wierd things that happen around the fringes, these are not so plentiful here, The big stuff is good, we saw Madness last night and the were good. queued to get into DJ shadow, nearly got smushed in the surge as the doors were opened. The specials are on tonight, then faithless, but tomorrow night is what we are really looking forward to Mika, (followed by 3ö seconds to mars) then the final night Billy talent (dont know their stuff at all, but wulf..I will be there!) muse and kasabian.

Interestingly this festival doesnt really kick off until about 2pm but goes on until about 9am, depending on where you want to party, Woodford (in oz, my favourite festival, starts at 6am and goes until about 3pm)the ones in the UK seem to split the difference. What it means for us though is that we hang around and read, fight over the hammock, stay in the is so hot here!...until the afternoon. I do feel like I should be jumping up and getting a bus into the city (cant move Rosita until after the festival) and going in to explore budapest, have thermal baths etc...but everytime that guilty tourist voice pipes up, I manage to ignore it. That is the trap with travelling, you do feel that you should see everything.

It all gives me a lot of thinking time, I was wondering today, how do you really see a countr, we have 'seen' a lot of places on this trip, but only skimmed the surface, but then on the other hand we havent done much of the touristy things, we have driven into the non touristy parts of the place, so have we 'seen' less or more, as all of the trips have been speedy ones. the language barrier is such a pain in the ass, I wanted so much to just sit and chat with so many people along the way, but am tounge_tied by simply not being able too.Or do you need to live somewhere to really 'see' a place.

How something looks, in terms of what a country and its people allows me to 'see', also makes me wonder about how we are seen and how we show ourselves to one another. I try hard to let people see who I am, i dont lie and honesty is important to me, I accept myself as I am, and yet I know that I am no different to anyone else, I edit the parts of myself that I judge to be likely to misunderstood or rejected by the other person. Is this a lack of honesty? or an acceptance that we are all multi_faceted, is it kindness to me or to the other person to challenge them with parts of myself that they might not like or understand? or do I simply protect myself from censure and judgement, because as sure as eggs are eggs, we all judge one another all of the time. No matter how much we wish we didnt.

Reading this blog and considering that I set off from ireland, daughter in tow, small van and a hazy itinerary,  makes me sound all full of derring-do and capability. so is it less honest of me to write just about that side of me and ignore the part that wants to fall into strong arms and be taken care of, or is it simply that its too hard to cover everything. The map is not the territory and so the words can only ever be an approximation of the real thing.

as I said, festivals give you a lot of time to think...

normal service will be resumed in the next post.
8/12/2010 08:31:20 am

Humm... more alcohol soaked than you'd like... the mind boggles:)
Anyhow the past four weeks must have been international introspection month. Seems to be a lot of it going around. Enjoy the festival. As for which is better the journey or the festival, remember it can't all be the peak. Better only exists where there is also lesser.
For a definition of lesser try the weather at home!

8/12/2010 12:26:26 pm

"The map is not the territory." I love that. Always so hard to remember when you first head out on the road.

And of course you brought your tea things. There are minimum levels of civilization below which nobody should be expected to sink.


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