We were lucky in that we seemed to find the only campsite on the road to budapest. We have of course europe camping guides etc, but none of them feature bosnia, or hungary, we arrived late into a campsite lit with fairy lights, very pretty in a Grimms fairytale way, parked up and collapsed into bed, but not to sleep as we were about to undergo an huge thunderstorm, hai
lstones the size of marbles.,.yes I am probably exaggerating, but I wasnt going to to measure them, the thunder was deafning and then we realised I had left my shoes outside. I heroically leaned out to get them, getting soaked in a nano_second, I left an errant flipflop to fend for itself and found it 20m away next morning as there had been a flood all around our van...fortunately not too deep.

away early the next day for two nights of rest in a campsite in Erd, which is just outside Budapest, it was cool and cloudy, which was a nice break from the heat, we rested, shopped, cooked, read a lot and generally relaxed...

and this morning up bright and early to come to the festival. We only got lost 3 times on the way here, the festival security take their role very seriously, Rosita got a more thorough going over than at all of the borders put together, seriously these guys pulled everything out looking for cigarettes and alcohol. but finally camped and we have been wandering about. The festival site is huge!

400,000 festival goers, 13 main stages, and dozens of small ones, the national museums and galleries have a space for parts of their collection, film, theatre, mini circus about at thousand acts and a real wedding tent with a proper registrar in case!! That is one of the two things that strike me as a bad idea..lol..tattoo and piercing studio and a wedding tent, at a festival with dozens and dozens of beer tents and cocktails sold by the bucket..a two litre bucket of cocktail is about 5e...!!

there are loads of quirky things too, like tie dying , breadmaking and pole dancing workshops (not all done at once, I hasten to add) Today is a set up day, there is a concert later, today is offically day minus one of the festival. tomorrow is day 0 and there is a reggae concert, which is not my thing, so we might go into the city tomorrow and have our thermal baths...the festival will be in full swing on wednesday, so far Mika, Muse, Kasabian, Iron Maiden (just to say we have been there) Madness, Calvin Harris (DJ) are must-see's but there are so so many more. And internet access at the festival and our phones work again.

thanks for the comments on the posts btw, its a lovely slice of home.

Jeni Wilson
8/9/2010 12:58:41 pm

Wow, you gals are sure having a few adventures on your travels! Today is cold and rainy, with days more of it apparently. Lovely for the Garden and lawn. 2 new Shops opening here in the next few weeks. The place has been like a ghost-town and business woeful. I have signed up for another 12 months in my little cottage at Hampton, and am seriously looking forward to Spring, 3 speckled hens, and vegie growing. Thanks for having all those adventures for me while I am curled up on the sofa under a blanket watching travelogues on Cable!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, love, Jeni xo

8/12/2010 04:24:05 am


A little cool sounds good today actually, it was very hot today its 8.30 now and 25C.

sorry that business has been bad, I guess its recession woes, but your cottage soudns great, hopefully we will be in oz before the end of the next 12 months and will see it and your chooks in the flesh x

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