WOOHOO! She passed


Rosita is feeling pretty smug and I am so relieved, she passed her test with flying colours, mind you with all new brakes on the back she would want to! Still since we plan on driving over the alps, I reckon that brakes are a good idea. One step closer to the trip.
6/26/2010 05:52:51 am

Well girlies safe travelling across Europe !! Rosita behave and take good care of Edel & Mollie or else ! Mollie do loads of shopping ! Don't mind tour mum you can never have enough CLOTHES!!Edel have a ball looking forward to all the updates take care Jo XXX

6/27/2010 01:56:37 am

thanks sweetie, Rosita so far is behaving very well but she is a very tiny van..so not too much room for too much shopping, Moll can string them on a washing line and fly them out the back of the van as we travel!

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