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Our home for 6 weeks,
Since we are in search of our own private Oz, we thought that a Dorothy theme, (crossed with 1950s retro, for a nice homely feel) would be good.
When I bought the van it was filthy, smelly and chock full of bad vibes, the first thing that happened was a very thorough clean, loads of essential oils and plenty of scrubbing. I always knew I was destined to be a scrubber. The 'kitchen' was painted retro green, with a little blackboard paint on one of the doors.

All of the cushions, AKA, the bed, were recovered with a reversible blue fabric. And then cushions for extra comfort, Dorothy of course.

and I couldn't resist the violently pink whistling kettle,

the inside is still a work in progress, more photos to come

Well our trip will all happen as soon as Rosita starts co-operating. She had a DOE test, (same as an NCT, except for a van,) last week, but she failed. To backtrack on her story a little. Rosita, while masquerading as as the smallest camper van in the world, is not actually a camper van. No, according to the tax office she is a commerical vehicle. This is because they have decided that although she functions as a camper,  because she is not 160cm inside at the lowest point, she is not a camper. Therefore she is taxed and insured as a commercial vehicle.

 Finding that out opened up a whole world of hassle, but now she is finally taxed, insured and as we speak, had her back brake well caressed by the mechanic, hopefully she will have been pleased enough with his attentions and will pass the test tomorrow.