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7/21/2010 08:06:46 am

adventurous Edel, courageous Mollie
to wander from the the cosiness of home to veiw and embrace such spectacular places ... go girls!
may Rosita continue to take you on your true course
perhaps The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan may fill you with greater awe about France, a powerful journey with Mary Magdalene
blessings, hugs and angels wings
Judith xox

7/22/2010 08:10:59 am

Hello there ladies : )
Glad ye are making headway across the continent. I'm delighted that the time ye spent in France was positive this time round -I'm glad each city and town tried to keep ye until ye were ready to travel onwards : ) It is a fantastic country... Viel spass in Deutschland... and beyond. Safe travel. Love ye both loads Dearbhla

8/6/2010 06:42:33 am


I have been following your travels with great interest. Sounds like you guys are Sharing a journey, from which the tales will nourish your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I look forward to your return Girls. Keep the reports coming. Enjoy the festival and Happy Birthday, Edel. Love Hazel x

8/10/2010 09:00:36 am

I am just catching up, and you have made me feel like I can see every scene you paint. Love the Bitchi part. Be safe. Will try to read more later. I am so envious right now.


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