Mollie and I do a lot of house swapping through its a great way to see the world. This year I put into my profile that we would be travelling and that we would love to meet people along the way. A wonderful family Jochen, Uli and their son, offered to host us for a night near Stuttgart, so when we finally got to Baden Baden, it was only the start of our travels in Germany, we still had to find our way to their village.

We took the scenic route, steep roads, scary drop-offs, little valley and trees everywhere. I love that each house has an enormous woodpile. This is a beautiful area, the villages have loads of wooden beamed houses, narrow streets and its just gorgeous. The drive took a lot longer than I anticipated. Rosita being stout of heart but slow of engine. Nonetheless the drive was amazing, we arrived horribly late at our hosts home. But they were the soul of hospitality.

We had a wonderful BBQ sitting on the deck as the sun went down. These people are my tribe, people who know what it is to reach out to strangers and make them feel at home. I loved chatting to them, comparing our respective lives. What makes people able to reach out when the whole world, all of our media says..'be afraid'..stay more TV.

Anyway, enough amateur philosophising, they also gave us a bed for the night and while rosita is comfy a real bed is luxury and I am in their house now using their interwebs...which is why there are a lot of posts!!

I am so jealous of their home though, it is gorgeous, all co-ordinated and sophisticated and so tidy: My house looks like a battle at a fete and will never look grown-up. But c'est la vie...(my 20 years old french actually improved and was adequate in France, its amazing how far pointing and shrugging will get you!)

Later today we push on towards switzerland, schauffesen (sp??) and the rhine falls direction, I am not sure how far south we will get, but definitely Zurich on Friday to meet up with another wonderful person for a cuppa.

So my lovelies that is all for now (do I hear the peanut gallery saying 'its about bloody time too!') No idea when I will get online again, but I daresay there will be lots more words when I do

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