Hello folks..finally I am able to update. For some reason all of the previous internet access areas wouldn't allow me to update this.

so where were we, well we moved campsites to a little village in the Camargue, I saw all of the things that I hadto see, white camargue ponies, rice growing and flamingos. The town we went to is the capital of the camargue, Saintes Maries de la Mer, population of about 2400 in winter and 40,000 in summer,. It is gorgeous, totally overrun by tourists of course, but I loved it, huge huge campsites, right on the beach, the town is all resturants and souvenier shops. And the church...it is a place of pilgrimage for romany gypsies as it has a statue of St Sara, a black saint, in the crypt. But it was the strangest thing, ..

avoid the next couple of lines if you are allergic to new agey woo woo type of stuff...I'll let you know when it is safe to come back to this post..

as soon as I went into the church I was overwhelmed, with a complete sense of familiarity, I was actually dizzy and became very emotional. I had to sit down because the place had such a huge impact on me, my whole body was buzzing with it. I have definitely defintely been there before. I loved the town on sight and would happily have stayed there for a long time, but when I went into the church I was blown away. The church is quite pretty, pretty fortress like as it has been assaulted a lot of times, and the crypt strangest of all. A little low domed area under the altar. about 15mx15m with hundreds of candles..it was so hot in the crypt that you could have boiled an egg. For you cynics out there..I was lightheaded before I went into the crypt (I know what's new..lol!) but I was emotionally overwhelmed when I saw the, pretty nondescript, statue of the black Sara...why? no idea.

OK Woo Woo stuff over...so we spent a lovely three nights in the town, the weather was variable, rain....cloud but always warm, we got sunbathing in and plenty of seafood, even a swim in the med (bloody freezing, but great).

and then yesterday Thursday 28 we headed on further south. We stayed last night in a little campsite not too far from Perpignan. It is the most tranquil place that I have been in so far. Not too busy, plenty of trees so that we could string up a couple of hammocks. Beautiful swimming pool and a great rock/weddingly type band who played in the bar last night, with cocktails only 3e a pop, it is not to be wondered that we are staying another night,

I woke up this morning, my birthday (thanks for all the birthday wishes folks..they really do mean a lot)..with the bluest sky ever, not a cloud to be seen, it is really really hot, so the day has been pool, sunbathing, hammock and pool..to be followed tonight by pizza and another band..there may even be a cocktail or two thrown in...

sorry this blog is a litany of just sunshine and beaches....ROTFLMAO...not!

Spain tomorrow, I want to see the Dali museum and his house. Akin to many teenagers I used to be a Dali nut many years ago, not so keen anymore, but I did read his book and know a lot of his work, so I have to see the museum. Then by about tuesday we will have to start working our way north again.

I foresee a repeat of the holy family trials as it is the first of august on Monday, when all of france goes on holidays..

have to go, the pool is calling

8/1/2011 04:10:17 am

Hey girlies,
Been a mad few days in county clare Harbour Festival fantastic. Great bands, good food, mad crowd & loads of visitors to Scariff. Who needs oxegen !!!
Glad to read you are having a great time. Church sounds amazing. Belated birthday wishes.
Weather not so bad here. Overcast very little rain, bur fill van with sunshine anyway please!!


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