And then as the evening was approaching, we came into a town and saw some campsite signs. There wasn't a star overhead, but it was a close run thing.
They had room!!..and they are so friendly. I fell on their necks and wept with gratitude and we unpacked. We set up our awning, we even have the flag and bunting out. We have made a HOME!...or at least a home for then next few days. I am not budging until Monday. I will drive for some food tomorrow,...bugger just realised tomorrow is sunday, maybe I will have to drive today for food, we are scratching the bottom of the barrel for food today as I refuse to drive anywhere!..

which reminds me of the glorious lunch we had yesterday, on the way to the abbey, we drove up into a tiny hilltop walled village, We had a proper french lunch on the terrace, overlooking hundreds of miles of hills. It was gorgeous and the food was wonderfull..I had octopus cottage pie. Well wouldn't you order something like that if you saw it on a menu? It was really good.

Lunch today was a baguette and one packet of taytos...between the two of us. Can I emphasise how much I don't want to drive today!

So the campsite, is great, there is a pool, there are trees everywhere, it is very windy, but the wind is warm, there is sunshine, we are slightly burnt, not enough to be sore, just enough to start our tan. We have laundry done..there are showers...we are clean...

you see it's all about the shower!

Thank you for comments btw..I love them..........

7/24/2011 03:04:27 am

Hey girlies,
All fine here in fair Ireland not alot of rain very overcast but temperatures up! Yippee... See you on your adventure with definitely a play maybe a musicial in it.....
Hope you are getting your much sought sunshine & getting the tan!!
See you both soon, safe travelling. xxx


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