So the plan was to catch the ferry on saturday and then back on monday or tuesday, but I didnt realise that the ferries didnt run that frequently, or that it was so far to unije island The best thing we found was a catamaran on sunday (3.5 hours) and two ferries back on tuesday, leaving at 6.30 am and not getting back until 11 pm, 8 hours on ferries and a day in mali losinj. I was annoyed at first, but it worked out for the best, as things tend to do.

We found a great campsite in a little village, Babinje, it was run by aussie-croatians, and they were great, so nice and friendly, typical aussies, the campsite was on the adriatic, well you had to go through the bar to get to the water..the bar was a cafe/ bar where we hung out and drank tea and chatted. I met croatians and slovenians and had a chance to ask the millions of questions that I had about the countries and the differences between them, they were so nice at the campsite that they insisted we leave Rosita there and they drove us to the ferry, that we would save on parking and taxis. (campsite rates for the two of us about 15e a night!...and not for the nights Rosita was there on her own.

It was so great to hear the aussie accent again and to experience such generous warmth. I was reminded so much of why I love the place. Of course Croatia and the Slovenians that I met were much the same. So much so that I was wistfully thinking of how I could afford a tins adriatic-side shack!

so we caught the ferry to unije, a tiny car-speck on the adriatic, a croatian version of inis oirr. We stayed in a traditional house right on the harbour, with a little garden shaded by a vine, an outdoor shower of sunwarmed rainwater. Vera was the perfect hostess, she fed us on homemade bread, homemade ice-cream, great food, great conversation. Her two little girls are adorable, they were very perplexed at the strange language we were speaking and it is a little disconcerting to have a little moppet speak earnestly and repeately at you , and you have no idea what she is saying. We ate, we swam, it was wonderful not to drive and to be in a bed. Altough it was also great to get back to Rosita, after our epic return journey. I am seriously not cruise material! half an hour on a ferry is long enough, the return journey was about 7.5 hours, but it was OK, it was empty and when we arrived we got a lift back to Bibinje in another spontaneously generous croatian fashion...

seriously I love this place!


08/06/2010 9:04am

I was gettting a little worried when I hadn't heard from you... I even checked out Meteor roaming to see that they do cover the countries you are travelling in. What a relief to know that Rosita is still takign you both safely onwar. Go Rosita : )
hugs me

08/12/2010 2:06pm

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