But we didnt spent long in Slovenia. I awoke on thursday morning in Trieste in Italy, my birthday, to an apocalyptic thunderstorm, imagine a hundred gene kelly dancing on the roof of our little van and you will get an idea of the rain! It was fabulous, we havent had a good thunderstorm since we left Australia. Trieste does look beautiful, what  one can see of it through driving rain, the harbour and then whole road is majestic. For once we were in a legitimate camper park, While I could wax lyrical about Rositas strengths, one thing she does lack is a loo, this is not a problem under cover of darkness, but I didnt fancy flashing my butt to half of Trieste, plus with all the water pounding down outside it may give chinese water torture a run for its money!

But as I said Trieste was gorgeous and we LOVED! the motor way service station (loos!) so leaving the city it was time to head for Slovenia, continuing our policy of getting lost on the way to the border and avoding motorways we eventually got to the border. This one looked official, we were prepared for sniffer dogs and strip searches, but the border guard was too busy playing mine sweeper on his computer, flashed us a bored glance and waved us through. he didnt even want to look at our passports. So far the only country that has looked at passports has been switzerland.

Slovenia was very wet. I have said in the past that we are undoubtedly much beloved by rain, if not then we are rain goddesses, as it follows us everywhere, when I visited south africa, they had the worst two weeks of weather in years, when we were last in Australia, ditto, I could go on...suffice it to say that now that the rain had caught up with us, it wasnt leaving us again.

We took a quick look at the lipizzaner stud farm, but sadly arrived on the wrong day for the performance. We had thought about caves, but were put off by the zillions of cars and tour buses, obviously everyone else thought it a good idea to escape the rain too. So basically we drove...

slovenia is a pretty country so much less populated than some of the areas that we travelled through in other countries, we found more mountains and did a lot more driving up and down. Rositas clutch is starting to protest a little. But hopefully she will be content to wait until we get home for Seany Madden to caress her innards.

we found the border OK and yet again we got waved through...an



07/31/2010 4:10am

The famed Viennese Lipizzaners come from Slovenia - who knew? I guess it's great to have an empire.

I hope that you'll have exhausted your rain-drawing powers by the time you get to the music fest. Think sunny thoughts of roasted pork!


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