Since we were on a roll with countries I decided to go home a different way and drive across some countries that still hadnt made it onto our list.

Slovakia was very pretty, it is a lovely country, a sort of mix of irish green-ness and alpine forest. And they used Euro! nice not to have to divide everything by 3.5, mental arithmetic is not my strong point.

At this stage of our trip we dont have a lot of time left for tours or sightseeing, 6 nights to get to cherbourg for the ferry. So we drove across slovakia, everywhere there were mushroom sellers, random people standing at the side of the roads, with boxes full of the most gorgeous wild mushrooms. So far on this trip we have seen everything for sale on roadside stalls, from baskets, to cheese, cooking implements to millions of watermelons, vinegar, fruit and olive oil. I wanted to stop and buy from them all, particularly from the elderly women. Actually really I wanted to just stop and talk, learn all about them and their lives....cursed tower of babel...

we ended up finding a nice little campsite, there were a load of pretty A framed cabins set in a half circle on a meadow, with mountains and forests rising up behind, and of course a river and a waterfall.

The office had a young woman who spoke perfect english, her mamma who did the money and assorted other elderly aunts and uncles who watched carefully the transaction. A pitch for the night was...wait for it...just 5.60, that is five euro sixty cent.  For a little slice of tranquil heaven...(with no mosquitoes!) I thought I might splash out on a night in one of the gorgeously cute little cabins, so I went back and braved the unsmiling scrutiny of the aunts to ask the price of a night in a 2 bed cabin. She asked if I wanted one with heating or without, it wasnt such a cold night and so I figured without heating...12e.80c! pushing the boat out I thought I would splash out on heating...a night in the cutest dollshouse of a place was the princely sum of 15e. for a real bed...

next morning as we sat on our balcony to eat breakfast a couple of the aunts pushing a trolly came  up wanting to clean our room..I felt so guilty that a couple of elderly ladies were to clean up after us...but they were smiling this morning so perhaps a good night sleep was all they needed. We certainly had a great night and I was so reluctant to leave. Rosita is actually surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, but no match for a real bed.

all in all. Slovakia is another place that I have on my list to return to...

onwards to Czech, we are quite blase about borders and had everything ready but as we were approaching the border the sky got darker and darker...the wind started howling and we drove into the biggest thunderstorm yet, it was scary, I had to pull over for a while as visibility was nil, but then I figured that we could shelter at the border post. Which turned out to be a dust covered little hut in the middle of no-where...obviously the notion of a border between czech and slovakia is a nominal one in these parts. So we out_drove the s


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