Most of the rest of our trip was boring, boring to do and boring to read about. Hard driving, for the first time on the trip we ventured onto the motorways, we had a long long way to go and only a few days to do it in.

I drove across Germany in a day we were consistently impressed in Germany and in France by the roads, the services, the signposts...getting lost has really lost is charm...

Luxembourg that night, mostly because its there, but as it turned out it was a lovely night, we stayed in a little town Viandin again just over the border. The town is on both sides of a river bank in a steep little river valley, perched high on the mountain was the most beautiful castle yet. Oh how I want to live there!

there was a chairlift up the mountain so we had to do that first thing in the morning, gorgeous spot, but short of time we had to hit the road.

Luxembourg into Belguim and then into France. Staying in more stellplatz on the way.

We made really good time and arrived into Cerbourg on the evening of the 21, two nights to kill until the ferry


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    August 2010