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Cherbourg is a nice town. I rather expected it to be more like Fishguard, but it is big and pretty,with lots and lots of shops. I had a commission for Armagnac and so that gave us an excuse to go to a few shops, I did, I confess buy a number of bottles of spirits, basically anything unusal...just so I can broaden my repertoire of cocktails...purely in the interests of knowledge you understand?

We parked for the two nights in tourlaville an adjacent town of Cherbourg , We were parked literally on the beach as I fancied a day on the beach to laze and swim before we had to head home. But the rain caught up with us, it poured all day, but sometimes that is a good thing. I was pretty wiped from all of the driving and a day snuggled in Rosita, playing cards and reading was exactly what I needed, there was plenty of time on the last day for Armagnac shopping.

Our departure dawned in the teeth of a howling gale..and yes we were getting a boat...and I am not a fantastic sea traveller at the best of times, so it was down with the sea-sickness tablets and we were off, it was a rocky trip but uneventful.

And then on the 24, Rosslare, funny after all of the time driving on the right I had to really concentrate to drive on the left again. The drive from Rosslare to home seemed interminable.

But by happy chance a couple of friends were in my house when we arrived, they had popped in to turn on the heating we had a welcome home party. They came back again a little later and we popped a couple of corks on some of the fizzy wine that found its way into my shopping trolley in France..and we talked and talked.

I have loved having the company of Mollie on the trip, I am lucky that we get on so well and that we have a fantastic relationship, but it was also nice to get home and have a few more people around.

and then the very very best thing of all

My own bed!

thanks for reading


08/25/2010 5:57pm

Welcome home! Roadside mushroom vendors and thermal baths. My idea of heaven. You've added several eastern European countries to my must-see list.

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