Czech is another pretty country that we barely managed to scratch the surface of, it took a day or so to drive across, with the shortest tourist stop ever in prague

We drove into the city and couldnt find anywhere to park legally, so I took the risk of parking illegally...a place reserved for permit holders. I think I have inadvertantly parked illegally in a lot of cities, sometimes a foreign registration is a boon. This was the first time I did it intentionally, but it was OK, no traffic wardens appeared, mind you we couldn't stay long, we had a quick wander around the old part of the town, saw the gorgeous bridge, of which admittedly little was to be seen under the hoards of people, added prague to my list of places to return to. And then back to Rosita to drive for the border. At least that was the theory, in the event it took about 2 hours to get out of the city, i drove through tiny winding streets...a much easier way of being a tourist!..and then hit the biggest road works in the world.

eventually clear of the city we headed for the border. The border crossing was the strangest yet. As with most crossings you tend to be driving along country roads and then hit what looks like a huge toll plaza. But just before the border crossing we found an enormous chinese village, or at least that was what it seemed. It was called something like asia dragon market. A couple of hundred stalls, most of which were closed when we arrived (apart from the stall selling garden gnomes..) in the village was a circus tent and a pathway of candles leading to the tent. There were hundreds of chinese (?) people milling around, we were not sure if it was a wedding or religious revival, but didnt want to intrude on what was clearly a very private event. But it was the trippiest thing ever to stumble on in the middle of the czech countryside.

Deprived of shopping opportunities (which never breaks our hearts...sorry Joanne, we didnt take your advice, not much shopping on this trip at all) we crossed into Germany and pulled up for the night in a little stellplatz. One of those free camping for campervan places. In a nice little village, as it happened the only place still open was a gelateri, so we had to go and revive our spirits with a


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