From: Roddy

All the very best of luck to you both Edel and Molly. I am sure that you will have a great time. If you get stuck don't be frightened to give me a call or e-mail. Will follow your progress from start to finish and expect a few e-mails from you enroute. Take good care and most of all keep safe. Lot's of love and happyness always. Roddy XXX

From: Wulf
Yaaayyyy! This is almost as exciting as if I were on the trip myself! That's a heck of an itinerary, but I guess you can edit it on the fly as you go. (You may be the only people to ever [i]drive[/i] to Venice!) Let the bubbly flow!

Edel : thanks so much guys, Roddy I'll will txt if we get stuck, I am pretty sure you know europe better than anyone else I know.
Wulf: lol, not sure we will actually be allowed 'drive' into venice,  but nearby and a ferry to the city sounds good to me.


06/23/2010 1:47am

OK so it looks as if I have finally set up the site properly, so that comments are displayed.

rosita goes for her re-test today...*fingers crossed*

06/24/2010 4:09am

I'm here because of your post on Craftster :)
If you're still interested in seeing a bit of romania, i can give you a few tips. Feel free to email me and ask me whatever you want to know.

07/01/2010 5:12pm

I am going to be following you and reading. The van looks great, and I hope Mollie loves and anticipates this trip as much as you. She looks so excited.

07/28/2010 7:14am

hi there,
I'm from Ireland too, and I have seen you around a lot on craftster, and I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck with your trip. :)
Your daughter is very lucky!

Best wishes,

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